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Mother Earth Books

I Am Mother Earth

Inspiring the world with love and good deeds.

Illustrated Children's Book



Enjoy this story over and over again!

Beautiful rich illustrations that stretch

across facing pages. An easy read with

poetic verse. Ages 3-8

Follow a child's discovery of how the earth and humans can exist in harmony. The story promotes adventure, acceptance and good earth stewardship. Eco-friendly.

'I am brown dirt, green leaves, blue sky and red clay.

One world. Many people who live, work and play.

Now close your eyes and dream of a place

where love grows wild in time and space.'

with love, from ME

Mother Earth

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Paperback edition, printed 2019

by Plan It Green Printing

Printed sustainably in the USA

with low VOC soy inks on recycled paper.

FSC Certified paper.

Digital  Version now

Available on Amazon

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Inspiring the world with love and good deeds!

Join us!

Share our message.

Share our story.


Make a commitment to save our environment and practice sustainability.


HerOdyssey nephew IAMME.jpg


32 pg illustrated, saddlestitched

facing page illustrations

Published 2019


8.5"x8.5" PAPERBACK

Authors Rebecca & Jeffrey Hutchinson

Illustrator Marcela Stormesan Bravo


The illustrations are rich and inviting. Mother Earth is waiting outside to take children on an enchanting journey across the globe.


'Look out your window. Step through your door. A wonderful world is here to explore. A world filled with wonder, with love and with laughter. A place where we live happily ever after.'

The book also includes 10 things children can do to help Mother Earth.

Activities promote recycling and repurposing as well as eating a healthy diet.

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Rebecca & Jeffrey Hutchinson

Call it serendipity. Call it happenstance. Authors Rebecca and Jeffrey Hutchinson say the idea for their first children’s book, I Am Mother Earth, was born at a time when the world seemed to need wonderful words and beautiful art to inspire young readers. That inspiration took shape after three groups of people unknowingly crossed each other’s path.


Back in 2018, Jeffrey came upon a wonderful online journal of two

inspiring travelers trekking the Continental Divide from South

America to North America. He soon became a fan of the two young

adventurers, Bethany Hughes and Lauren Reed, better known on the trail as Fidgit and Neon. Jeffrey and wife, Rebecca, have four adventurous children who embody Fidgit and Neon’s spirit. He shared the young women’s story as a way to inspire his children in their own lives.


One day the continental travelers made their way through a small Chilean village and spent some time talking with locals and taking pictures. They posted a photo or two on their blog of an artist’s studio and artwork. The artist was Marcela Stormesan Bravo and her captivating work jumped off the screen and enlightened Jeff. Being an artist himself, he found the pieces reached his soul. He shared the artwork with Rebecca, who is a publisher. Rebecca melded their thoughts of world peace, love and nature into a series of poetic ideas on paper and they convinced  Bravo to be part of the project.


The Hutchinson’s hope for the book is that parents and children will receive inspiration to do good in their own lives. The story is about a child’s discovery of how people and the planet can exist in harmony. It encourages adventure, acceptance and good earth stewardship.


Rebecca and Jeffrey moved to Durango, Colorado in January 2018 and wasted no time in integrating themselves into the Four Corners community.   


Previously, the Hutchinsons lived for 30 years in West Columbia, a small Texas community on the Gulf Coast.  They formed strong bonds there while owning three small Texas weekly newspapers. The couple has four grown children.

Note: For more information on Her Odyssey travelers go to

Marcela Stormesan Bravo was born on January 3, 1975 in Santiago, Chile. When she was 2- years-old her family moved to Coyhaique, where she grew and developed her artistic concerns bit by bit.


When she was 17-years-old she had the chance to see the work of Elia Medina who develops the

wonderful art of embroidered tapestry made with wool. During that special moment, Marcela

confirmed her artistic vocation. She could use her hands as an instrument to draw and paint as she



While she was still searching for her true talent, she applied to the university but realized soon after

that she was searching for a very different experience. She wanted to live life and experience the

shapes and the exuberant surroundings that Patagonia could offer.

At the age of 22, she decided to portray her views in her first exhibition in Coyhaique.

In 2008, she moved to Villa O’Higgins, deep inside Patagonia, a place that became her home. There

between the mountains and the southern winds, she had her workshop surrounded by the inspiring



Her most representative exhibitions are “Contra Tiempo”, and “Evidentes”, “Con el agua en la Cabeza” and “Cancion de arbol” among others, she has also participated in other collective exhibitions.


“As for what inspires me and moves me in life,” says Marcela,  “that is the love of my family, my son Leon and my husband Rodrigo. I am deeply inspired by nature, water and life ... Patagonia! I love to create, the colors of life!”


Marcela Lives in Chilean Patagonia, surrounded by forests, ice and water. It is here that she finds inspiration.

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Mother Earth Books

Inspire the world with your love and good deeds